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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grind Time Now Presents: Quest M.C.O.D.Y vs Head Ice part 2

Main Event Battle from "Bad Blood" on Halloween in NYC. Detroit goes to New York: East Coast vs Midwest!

last round

Grind Time Now Presents: Quest M.C.O.D.Y vs Head Ice part 1

Main Event Battle from "Bad Blood" on Halloween in NYC. Detroit goes to New York: East Coast vs Midwest!

My return to the world of battle rap didn't go too bad

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Behind the scenes of Nametag ft. Quest MCODY Beat Bang Video Shoot Pt.1

Quest MCODY at Nametag's Video shoot waiting on Nametag to get there. Quest talks about what Jergen's Lotion does for him! Complains about Nametag not being at his video shoot

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Solo Battle in 4 Years

Should be interesting.  If you will be or want to take this trip out to NY get at me

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jo Capo "Pleasure Medicine" Video

Check out the new Single from my Partner Capo!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quest For a Cure Benefit Concert

We're doing a benefit concert December 2009 @ St. Andrews Hall "Quest for a Cure". We are on a quest to cure Hunger, Illness and Poverty. If you would like to be a part of this ground breaking event PLEASE email us with your email and phone number at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life Goes On- 2pac

This song helps me through a lot of tough times. I remember being young and being able to turn this song and find solitude. I strive to make music that will invoke emotion. I believe the music on "The Light Project" provokes emotion. To know that you can make a song to help at least one person through a tough time is a wonderful feeling.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chicks I Dig

I like Alicia Keys. Point blank period.  Great music, great voice, great talent.  Kudos to being able to be a commodity in the music industry.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Check out my new Mixtape Ctrl + Alt + Delete (FREE DOWNLOAD)

CTRL + ALT + DELETE is here!!!! END YOUR EFFING PROGRAM!!!!!! I hope you enjoy!!
 [FREE DOWNLOAD] also check out my critically acclaimed album "The Light Project" available on itunes now!  Just got to

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Quest MCODY Vlog: Getting a Tattoo

Quest MCODY Vlog: Getting a Tattoo

Quest MCODY talks with his tatto artist Leila aka "The Evil Genius" while getting a new Tatt! Quest askes "Have you ever tattooed a Penis?"

Tupac keeps it real

There is an octagon of sides to Tupac. Here's a side that is often forgotten.

biggie freestyle

How good did you rap when you were 17? I know I was horrible. Honestly watching this I'm amazed how talented Biggie was at 17. Truly ahead of his time. So far ahead that he left us too soon. I once told someone that I thought Jay and Big would be neck and neck right now if Big had not been killed. I'm not sure on that now that I think about it. But like Jay said "He's chasing ghosts".

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I think I'm done with rap

I think I've had it with rap. (Yea I said it)

I've been doing this "RAP" thing for a while and I'm very proud of it. BUT-I have an issue. I think I'm going to have to find something new to listen to.

I recently took my Grandfather to see BB King live and was astonished by the look on his face as he admired a man he grew old listening to. My granddad is 82 and BB is 84 so he has literally been a fan for 60 years. that's amazing. I looked at my granddad as he watched BB sing hits from 60 years ago, the look on his face was great! I could see him reliving moments of his life as BB plucked away on Lucile, or as my granddad would say "made that gee-tar talk.

While sitting there the only thing I could think about was how proud I was to have given such a great gift to the man that played to role a father figure to me due to the absence of my own father. I thinking "I'm gonna love when my grandkids do this for me!" then it hit me. They may not be able to.

I'm the fan of a form of music in which our 2 biggest stars have been MURDERED, and our most successful music icon is being ridiculed by up and coming artists for rapping at the aged of 40. "You still rapping and you 38? eeewwwww"

I would like to tell The Game and any person that feels this way to go drown in a bowl of cereal. I'm a real 80's baby, but I've got respect for those that have paved the way.

Do you understand that right now we are running the risk of growing old with NO music to listen to? Ok, I take that back we'll have music but what about seeing a live show?

What about being able to see our favorites that we grew old with like my grandpa did with BB?

How great would it be to hear Dear Mama LIVE 30 years from now?

Hypnotize 40 years from now?

Well guess what? I can't get NONE of that!

It's cool to keep the new talent coming in but damn, I wanna have that look my granddad had on his face watching BB King get down!

Let's see. As much as I like Gucci Mane, right now I can't see myself at 82 at a concert with my grandson singing "BRICKS, all white bricks, off white bricks". I don't care how big of a fan I am now, I need some music to grow old with!

I can't do those dances when I'm 80 yall!

Now I'm not dissing anyone's music I just don't want to be alone.

The major consumers of rap music are teenagers right? What the hell happens to me once I'm 30-40-50? Do I have to find some new genre music to listen to? If so I need to start looking now because the soundtrack to my life is currently in rap form. Hip hop can't even keep it's greats. Never have I seen a genre with so many deaths. Big, Pac, Big L, Dilla, Proof, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Stack Bundles, Pimp C, Big Pun, Jam Master Jay the list goes on and on. Forget next week, WHO THE HELL am I going to watch live at 80? Forget next week!

I've heard 15 year olds say that "Jay-Z's too old to rap" or "Nas need to quit". That's pure BULL. I don't even listen to Nas like that but I would LOVE to see him live 15 years from now.

What you don't understand is that if HIP HOP doesn't grow up it's cool, YOU WILL. I'm not prepared to be music-less so with that said I put a middle finger up to those trying to stunt it's growth.

See you in 60 years!

Friday, August 7, 2009

V.P. Ciao Bella [Official Video]

V.P's second music video off of the album Hypocrite. Search V.P. Hypocrite on Itunes to purchase the album.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Live In Peace (Read this)

I'm so not into this. What is this? I'm not sure.
Time and time again these series of questions go through my head in regards to life, love and music. Before you jump the gun I'm not contemplating suicide, but recent events have me contemplating "life-icide".

I'm sick of seeing the same thing, just like rap fans are sick of hearing the same thing. Especially in Detroit. This shit is getting old. Dilla Died, people made shirts. People told you how much they loved you and how much they wish they would say it more. We all started believing in showing love to those here before they are gone. Proof got killed, people made shirts. People told you how much they loved you and how much they wish they would say it more. We all started believing in showing love to those here before they are gone. Now Baatin has passed and we're doing the same thing. I don't know Baatin personally. I've only recorded him and met him in passing so I'm not the best person to tell you a bunch of Baatin stories, but I know that his music influenced people. I know that I saw him in New York 2 weeks before he died. I know that he has family that cares about him more than anyone of us that are reading this. And the most important thing is that I know that people are supposed to live. But... They don't.
People fucking die. That's what people do. I'll die one day and so will you.

Now with that said, what's next? Living is next until it's dying. And once it's onto dying it's a wrap. I sit at home and think about my children and I wonder if I'll ever make it to my dream. Then I started thinking about my dream. Is my dream a thing or a place? Way to often did I think my dream was a thing. My dream is a place. The "thing" I'm doing will ultimately take me or not take me to my dream. I had someone tell me that Proof died, but he lived his dream. How fucking selfish is that to say? That's something we say to ourselves to help us feel better. When it boils down to it Proof got killed while on the road to his dreams. Dreams change day by day and no matter how many time we reach them they change. I'm getting to the point that I despise parts of our hip hop community in Detroit.

Stop telling me you love me when someone dies! Tell me when someone lives. EVERYDAY. When I talked to Baatin for all of 30 seconds in New York two weeks ago guess what I said? I said "Man I wanna thank you. I'm a fan and you laid the ground work for what I do." To some of you that sounds like a great thing to say. Right? Well due to the circumstances I look back and wish I would have asked him "how he was doing?" "How was he feeling?" ANYTHING other than what I "wanted" to say. We never ask people what we think they need to be asked, we always ask what we want to ask. Be hell we're not mind-readers so what are we to do?

If I die I want this to be read. I don't want a benefit for my family. If I need a benefit for my family when I die then I needed one for them when I was alive. If you want to benefit my family, go see my mother and children. Tell them things about me that she may not have known. Listen to the Isely Brothers' song "Highways of My Life" and know that I felt like that EVERYDAY. But most importantly don't start a "movement" just to let it disappear.

Earlier I typed that I'm starting to despise Michigan's Hip Hop scene so I want to elaborate. Better yet I want to explain the statement. I love our scene, but it's like my alcoholic uncle. He shapes up and straightens out for Christmas, but he's right back at is bullshit ways on New Year's. It takes NEGATIVITY to fuel our scene. Dilla dies, ban together. Proof Dies, ban together. The same thing has happened with Baatin. I'm done with this game.

Life is about living and I dream to live it to the fullest.
I would love to go around saying R.I.P. B.D.P. (Baatin, Dilla, Proof) but instead I'll say Live In Peace to anyone reading this.

-Quest MCODY

Quest MCODY - Get'em Cody [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Check out my new video. I shot this in florida back in February. It's dope! If you haven't purchased a copy of The Light Project please do either on itunes or @ www,

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Ciao Bella Preview

This is my partner Vito's new video preview check him out.....he's doing his thing in Italy

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fat Ray "Candy Out The Box"

Detroit Artist Fat Ray (BR Gunna, The Setup w/Black Milk) shoots his first solo music video "Candy Out The Box" at Roche Studios in Troy,Michigan.Produced by Jeffro, Directed/Cinematography by Samo, Make up by NBcosmetics, Wardrobe by Alishia Ragland. Appearancess by Black Milk, Phat Kat, JUS, Lucky Leoni and More

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jay- Z Sits down with MTV Made's Quest MCODY

Jay- Z Sitts down with MTV Made's Quest MCODY to discuss following his career as a rapper and even watchin his reality shows on MTV and showtime. He also gives the reason why he didn't sign him. This can also be viewed on SIGN UP!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mention my Effing Name

Before you read this I'm going to warn you these are my views and if you don't like them please exit stage left.

I'm up late and a partner of mine sends me a link to an article written by a friend, K Fresh. It speaks on artists from the great state of michigan. Ut even give a list of our up and coming artists. It includes: Danny Brown. Marvwon, Chief, Finale, Street Justice, Apollo Brown, Hex, DJ Dez, Nick Speed, Samiyam, 5 Ela and Name Tag. Now the article is kinda old (March 09) but it struck a nerve with me honestly. Actually it raised a question. "How the HELL do you talk about DETROIT Hip Hop, it's innovators and what they will do to bring detroit into the next decade and not mention QUEST MCODY?

Don't get this confused I'm not writing this to discredit anyone mentioned on this list because they are all viable assets to our scene, but give some damn credit where credit is due. Not just in this article, but ANY article talking about OUR hip hop scene.

I've represented OUR hip hop scene on NUMEROUS occasions on an international platform. MTV, BET, SHOWTIME, Channel U in the UK, Hip Hop For Life DVDs I could go on for days. On top of that I released one of if not the best album out of OUR scene, in the past year and have pushed the envelope on what a live show experience should be. On top of that I was the ONLY michigan artist named in Vibe's Best unsigned artists review. I should be in EVERY discussion about OUR hip hop scene.

I'm going to stop looking at it as "they sleeping on me". I'm taking this sh!t as disrespect. Mention my name. PERIOD. I represent Detroit Hip Hop just as much if not more than anyone on any list, anywhere. Recognize this. This isn't necessarily an attack on this particular article. This is just the article that sparked this blog. Maybe it's because how close to home it is. Maybe I feel that if ANYONE should know my homie Fresh should know and if he's looking over me there a problem. Somebody told me the other day that if you don't demand it don't get mad when they don't provide it.

Well this is my demand.

Not putting me on any list when it comes to our scene is a slap in the face.

The next time you read an article talking about OUR scene and my name isn't mentioned consider it only 99% truth. It's not whole without me.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Just for Kicks

These are a couple pair of shoes I was thinking about copping (they come in a pack) the problem is there was only a few made.

I could have easily went to Burn Rubber to cop them but I waited too long.... let the hunt begin!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Song "Webcam"

Quest MCODY "Web Cam" Shout out to all my Ladies Online


Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I'm Not gonna do your show


I'm not rapping at your 100 person Open Mic unless you pay me!

Why should I if you are gonna try to make money and not get me mines?
You paid the club.
You paid the DJ.
You even paid for that chick drink!
But you ain't gonna pay me?

Now this isn't a jab at anyone doing open mics but honestly, I'm NOT doing them unless you pay me. I've come to a point in my life in which I KNOW I'm better than MOST rappers so why would I showcase for a bunch of rappers? Now before you get your rap panties in a bunch hear me out. The reason rappers showcase in front of rappers is to show how well they stand up against the pack. Right? Well I've proven where I stand amongst the elite and if you feel that I haven't go get somebody. What can I gain from rapping with a bunch of rappers?

I want to rap for fans. That's who I make music for. Now I LOVE going to showcases. Moe Dirdee throws a HUGE showcase every month and I enjoy myself there. I'd rap anytime my nigga Moe asks me to, but I'm not doing every open mic in the region.

Now let's get on why I'll do it for $$$.


That's it. People that have NEVER even purchased my album ask me to do shows for them like we're friends. Well here's a news flash if I throw a party and ask my friend to rap and I make some $$$ so does he!

I really like going to open mics TO WATCH.... Just let me watch....or pay me

Am I hollywood for that statement?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm sick of fear

I JUST LIKE PRETY WOMEN THIS PIC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY POST (but if you know her tell her I'm cool)

I'm sick of the fear (this topic has been sparked by a convo I had last night)

Detroit needs a media outlet that isn't AFRAID to voice it's opinion.  When did giving your opinion on something become "beef"? I just went on Shade 45 and got a 50/50 response on one of my records. Some loved it and some trashed it.  THAT'S LIFE.  Why is that a problem in general? If I hear some shit I don't like I don't care WHO recorded it I don't like it.  Does that mean it's not dope? NO! Just not dope to me...  It's funny we all like this shit but nobody is buying records lol!

On another note: 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New York State of Mind

(sorry for the typos I'm doing this in between recording)

Well I flew in early and I'm out here dolo working on music, meeting with MTV (tell them to give me a show), and hitting the radio stations. I'll be on Shade 45 tomorrow FRIDAY @ 4:30 5/29/09 playing music from "The Light Project". I really can't say I'm here "dolo" because Hush (we both had on "Run DET" shirts on looking lame as hell AND NO IT WASN'T ON PURPOSE I told people he was part of my band wagon) and I both flew out here on the same plane so Detroit is holding it down for real for real....

I've had the pleasure to cut some music with Hefe from "Focus Machine Entertainment Group" so you'll be hearing more music from us soon. I'm enjoying myself and I can tell you that these cats got it going on here! Video and audio services on lock. I can say that I'm enjoying myself so far. Shouts out to Papi Garcia and the rest of the crew.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introducing Cynara Moore

Cynara Moore is an artist I've been working with for the past few years.  We've rocked countless events and she always steals the show. She can be heard on my album "The Light Project" on the song "You".  She is a great talent that has a bright future.  Check out these 2 tracks below!  "I'll Never Forget" is an ode to Detroit City and "You Remind Me of a Song" featuring yours truly is also dope!  Look to hear more from Ms. Moore this year!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicks I Dig 2

I'm not sure who this is but this is surely a "Chick I Dig".  Who wouldn't want a free hug from her?  For anyone that wants to know why I'm posting these picture.....GET A CLUE!  What do think?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

I've been gettin a lot of love from people! "Thanks for repping the D on MTV!" I wanna say that I appreciate the kind words!!
phase 2 is in effect
I need everyone to post on about how much they enjoyed the show (especially the quest part of it lol)

Rep for me like I rep for yall 

I'm currently talking with a producer from the show about future film work help me make it easier!

Friday, April 17, 2009


April 18th, 1pm - MADE: Just Another Girl to Outspoken Rapper
Heather Parsell always plays by the rules, whether it’s on the soccer field, in the classroom, or in her school’s marching band. Now this busy bee wants to step out of line and make an individual statement by being MADE into a rapper. But will four weeks be enough for coach Quest MCODY to help Heather stick her swagger and remember her rhymes? Or will this goodie goodie go bad at her school’s music festival?

Check out what happens to the young people featured on episodes of “MADE” in LIFE AFTER MADE, viewers can also view full episodes on And just as the show inspires the on-air participants to achieve their goals, fans can launch their own personal development journeys at (, MTV’s online community that connects viewers who “wanna be made” with coaches that offer tips and techniques to inspire success. Every journey is chronicled on the viewers’ profile page including blog entries and personal progress ratings.
“MADE” ( was created and is executive produced by Bob Kusbit and Francis Lyons for One Louder Productions. Dave Sirulnick, Tony DiBari are executive producers for MTV.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Have you been looking for my old mixtapes?  Want to really see my growth as an artist? The transition from being one of the worlds best battle rappers to making a timeless album came with a lot of  sacrifice, hard work & determination. go to for your free downloads.  Don't forget to PURCHASE The Light Project!!!!!! Tune in to MTV saturday April 18th @ 1pm eastern standard time & watch me on Made.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Everyone has been asking me to post this mixtape from 2006 enjoy! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quest MCODY- Exorcist (freestyle)


As you can see I'm working hard to keep the net buzzin!!!! Incase you've missed out, here are the past weeks Downloads

Back On The Block (freestyle)

Part of the Game (Produced By Mr. Porter from D12)

1,2,3 (freestyle)

Don't forget to pick up my album "The Light Project" on [Itunes]

Also join "The Brightest Site On the Net"


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quest MCODY- Part of the Game (Produced By Mr. Porter)


I've got a new task ahead of me. Cleaning out my Hard Drive. I figured that would leak some of the 1,000 songs on my hard drive so here you go.

Part of the Game. This is one of a handful of songs I had in storage produced by Mr. Porter. Some of these tracks were going to be featured on an album I never released. I picked to leak this song because I think that the concept is DOPE.

I remember playing this record to Proof and him saying "You don't know shit about chess nigga".

Monday, March 9, 2009

An Easy Way To Hear The Light Project Before You Buy It

For every album or single that I have digitally distributed I have a streaming widget with a direct link to buy the music on iTunes. Put this player anywhere on the web it works on over 50 sites like Facebook, iGoogle, Friendster, Blogger and WordPress. The MySpace version is coming soon!

visit and join the brightest site on the net


Monday, March 2, 2009

I AM DETROIT HIP HOP (Quick Thought)

I am Eminem, Royce 5'9, Big Proof, Obie Trice, Rock Bottom, Street Lords, C.O.I., Kid Rock, Slum Villiage, J. Dilla, Boss, MC Breed....the list goes on and on.

I live and die by this sh*t.  I've traveled coast to coast, from one country to another for this sh*t.  I've literally fought for this sh*t.  I believe in difference making.  I believe in system changes.  I believe in myself.  Since I AM DETROIT HIP HOP I believe in Detroit Hip Hop.  Therefore  I believe in YOU.

Do you believe in me?  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Pistons Bench Iverson for Rip?

I was the 1st person to know about the trade for Iverson (not really, but I like to say it). Although Chauncy is my dude, I can't say I wasn't excited about Iverson coming here. It was a long time since I saw a "superstar" play for the home team. But now I know what the problem is. We aren't built for superstars!

We have made Iverson into a role player. Our system isn't set up for a star. Iverson looks like a bum on the Pistons. Now I find out that they are benching him for Rip? How bout you bench STUCKEY, and let Iverson run the point and call it a day?

How about you tell Sheed to play in the fucking paint like any normal big man should and quit spotting up for 3's like a got damn shooting guard?

How about we NEVER let as little ass Tayshaun to play power forward EVER again?

How about we FIRE Mark Curry?

I don't wanna seem like I'm jumping on the Pistons back now that things aren't working, BUT DAMN.

Mark Curry is about as fit to coach the Detroit Pistons as I am to head up the KKK. (I'm serious) C'mon who the hell gives a rookie coach a team like that?

Okay it worked for Dallas with Avery Johnson, but did it translate into a title? NO!!!!!

Hermman was BALLING in the beginning of the season....Where's he at now?

Ok we got Mcdyess back, WHAT ABOUT MAXIEL?

Now I see why we got Darko instead of Carmello, because we don't know what to do with a star.
Team ball is what it's about. There is no one person above the team. I know this....


Ok now the 1st thing you're gonna say is "Ivo ain't puttin up numbers" or "Ivo fell off"

But we're letting SHEED act his got damn fool of a self?

What is it with Sheed?

Does he only act an ass when the going gets tough? This is the Sheed we all hated in Portland!

Now You may say "Quest you didn't have a problem with Sheed when we we're getting to the Finals"

Big difference jerkface, WE HAD BEN WALLACE IN THE MIDDLE. I didn't care if Sheed dropped back and shot a 3, our best rebounder was in the paint.

Now SHEED is our best Rebounder. Where the hell is he at?

At the top of the freaking key with his hand up!

Do you have a question?

Are you hailing a cab?

Do you want a high five? Cause you can't want this basketball you 6 foot 10 inch high arch shooting piece of....let me stop...I've met Sheed numerous times and he's a nice guy plus an avid Red and Meth listener, but this craps gotta stop.

Iverson and Hamilton should start together. Stuckey would be a candidate for 6th man of the year if we weren't so dumb. Curry are you calling the shots? Well you should call one from a starter pistol to your temple! Nothing to kill yourself, but just enough to make you realize how much of an idiot you are

Tayshaun should be the 2nd option at SMALL FORWARD. Maxiell should be at the 4 spot and SHEED should of got traded for a washing machine like Woody Harrison on 'Semi-Pro'

Anybody got something to say about that? AND YES IT'S AFTER 3AM AND I'M UP ON talking trash!

Although these feeling are that of my own this post is for entertainment purposes only if I was fit to coach the Pistons I would be.....but hell if Mark Curry got a shot at it why not?

Friday, February 27, 2009

As Silly As I Wanna Be

I love the ladies soooooo much shout out to all the beautiful women in the world.

this for you.... (here's a link incase u missed it

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Reaction to the Rihanna Picture

Just check it out real talk ...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get'em Cody Rant: News Chris Brown & Rihanna plus Sonic's dumb ass response 50 Cent is KILING Ricky Quest MCODY talking about what he feels like talking about. "Rick Ross' career is OVER" "Charles Hamilton: "Lamest rapper in the world right now" "Leave Chris and Ri Ri alone and let them deal with it" 
Watch the Video NOW

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Questradaumas: 2009 Grammy Awards Predictions

I am excited about the Grammy Awards I figured I'd give my predictions on the Hip Hop Nominations.


Winner: A Milli - Lil Wayne 

Runners Up: Roc Boyz - Jay Z

Paris, Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco

N.I.G.G.E.R - Nas

Sexual Eruption - Snoop Dogg


Winner: Swagger Like Us - Lil Wayne, Jay Z, TI, Kanye West 

Runners Up: Mr Carter - Lil Wayne feat Jay Z

Royal Flush - Big Boi feat Andre 3000 and Raekwon

Wish You Would - Ludacris feat TI

Put On - Young Jeezy feat Kanye West


Winner : Superstar - Lupe Fiasco feat Matthew Santos

Runners Up: Low - Flo Rida feat T Pain

Green Light - John Legend feat Andre 3000

Got Money - Lil Wayne feat T Pain

American Boy - Estelle feat Kanye West


Winner: Lollipop - Lil Wayne feat Static Major 

Runners Up: Superstar - Lupe Fiasco feat Matthew Santos

Swagga Like Us - Lil Wayne, Jay Z, TI, Kanye West

Sexual Eruption - Snoop Dogg

Low - Flo Rida feat T Pain


Winner:  Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne

Runners Up: Paper Trail - TI

The Cool - Lupe Fiasco

American Gangster - Jay Z

Nas - Nas

These ARE NOT the winners, just predictions. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quest M.C.O.D.Y.’s Advice To Michigan Artists

You have cats from all over Michigan. You got dudes in Detroit, you know about the history with Breed in Flint. You got cats in Grand Rapids and Saginaw and everywhere else. What advice do you have for these cats who are trying to get into hip-hop? What do you suggest that they do?

A few things. First, they need to respect the people who came before them! Respect Esham. Respect Breed. Respect Em & Proof, Respect Dilla! Understand That! And respect the Black Milks, the Guilty Simpsons, the Quest M.C.O.D.Y.s, the Marvwons, respect them too. A lot of times people get things twisted and they take for granted the people that they have here. I did a show last night, and instead of giving me my just due and letting me come out and do my thing, let me come out and rock, there’s people like “Well, he ain’t fuckin’ wit my homeboy!” And the thing is, it’s not about that. I earned everything I have and I’m gonna earn more. A lot of people feel like they gotta take something away from someone to build themselves up.

So I tell a lot of up and coming cats to just do what you do! If you the best, be the best! If you don’t feel you the best, then you don’t need to be rappin. I don’t have to be better than your favorite rapper, I’m just different. If you rappin and you don’t think you the best rapper, then quit rappin!

…If you not putting your all into what you doin’, then stop! My main message is grinding. Don’t let the world make you. Make the world. If you’re at home and you’re watching TV, and you see Lil’ Wayne doing something or Jeezy do something and you say “That’s what I wanna do”, then you’re as transparent as the TV is, and if you turn off the TV then you won’t know what to do. I’ve been being me. I’ve been being Kimani Graham all my life. I’ve been being Kimani Graham way longer than I’ve been being Quest M.C.O.D.Y. so it’s idiotic to believe that I’m gonna be able to make it being anyone other than who I’ve been all my life. If they don’t like you, then at least you know they don’t like you! I think I’d live a lot better knowing that people didn’t like me, rather than knowing that they like me for something that I’m not!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toot Your Own Horn

Why not?  Accomplishments speak for themselves.....yea, but sometimes you have to remind an idiot.  Recently Barack had to tell a room of reporters "That's why people voted for change in November" In other words "I'M THE PRESIDENT" fall back!  I've been known as a humble dude and people love me for that.  But at the same time I have let some of my accomplishments become unrecognized because I didn't want to "boast" about them.  Well I've come to the conclusion that what people don't know WILL hurt you. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Battle Recap Quest MCODY vs Rado (2006)

I just found this NY battle online and it brought back old memories.  I've attach a response I placed in a forum about the whole incident.  They cropped the hell out of the battle (especially the fight) but here you go.  

(2006 forum response)
First and foremost I would like to say that Quest MCODY is in the building!!!! 
Now with that out of the way let me get right to it. Rado's comments in that battle were totally disrespectful to my mans proof but they did not fuck with me one bit. They were words in a battle. P showed me how to handle words in a battle. Was I shocked that he said what he said? YES!!! Did I wanna fight about it? Kinda....but I know better than that. Cats say shit during battles to make u wanna scrap to throw u off your game. That was all cool. I just made sure RADO wasn't gonna make it to the round. Yea I dissed the Maniac crew....It's a least I dissed niggas that were their to defend themselves. After I popped Rado up outta there that's when shit went sideways. One of Rado dudes looked at me from across the stage and said and I quote "Your mans Proof's a fagott".....and started movin his hand like he had a gun in it goin' "Pop Pop Pop" And I snapped.....This wasn't no battle this was a nigga making fun of my nigga's death!!! We had just burried Proof that past Wednesday!!! The battle was clearly over!! And if he wanted to say some shit then he coulda said that shit about me....not my nigga that's not there to defend himself. So yea I "took a swing" and ran out towards his crew of niggas and if securty wasn't doing their thing I wasn't gonna slow down. Given the same circumstances I'd do it again. What Rado said in the battle ain't do shit but make me go even harder than I was gonna go but that shit his man's said was uncalled for... People callin me goin at 20 some niggaz crazy, stupid, or whatever cuz I came from Detroit with nobody but my manager. Yea if it had went down I woulda walked out with more than a few scratches and I'm good with that but NOBODY is gonna make fun of the death of my family, friend and the person responsible for what I do. I ain't come down there and call Big L, Jam Master J or Biggie a faggot did I? RESPECT THE DEAD THEY CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES. As long as I breathe I will carry my nigga PROOF's legacy on. He may not mean shit to u but he's the shit to me and is the reason why hip hop cats where I'm from do what they do....Niggas would never say some shit like that about proof in detroit....And I wouldn't tolerate somebody sayin something about one of ya'll fallin soilders in the D PEACE..... Though I'm not ashamed nor do I regret my actions that night I do regret that the battle was shut down Big ups to Imaculate on his win u did your thing .... DETROIT WHAT!

From this came a poor excuse for a "Diss" record from Rado followed by an "email conversation that resulted in me airing dude and his crew out.  If you search some forums you can find it, but it was immature and unimportant.  In 2008 at my album release party in NYC I got a chance to talk to a former member of that crew that offered an apology for his involvement with the crew.  Although he didn't say anything to disrespect Proof he felt responsible enough to speak on it and that I can respect.

What's up Charlie

Sunday, February 1, 2009


For the past few weeks I have been working with my web team on making the "Brightest Site On the Web" Although it's still a work in progress I am so excited about the possibilities.

We've always took pride in the site being ran by it's users and now we have added a free download page for music , interviews, MODELS and some of the hottest news in entertainment. 

This social network is great for meeting new people and is also a great place for artists to link with fans and network with artist, producers and more.

Take the time to visit the site and get a feel for it.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

An MLK Celebration

If you're going to be in Marquette MI this is going to be the place to be.  Come and be motivated!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's Good Florida

Follow me on a trip to the basement state! FLORIDA!!! The Light Project Available on itunes NOW!!! P.S. I sure do know how to pack....scream at me Buff!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I paid a visit to Detroitrap.coms Monthly Mixer and had a blast. Check it out. Proof's mom was there and gave us all some words of wisdom as only she could

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I paid a visit to upcoming production team "The Northstarz" to listen to some tracks and kick it. Subscribe to this blog!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Here's a free gift, MY ALBUM  
SERIAL NUMBER: 1402526540
It's case sensative so enjoy!