Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Look at the five people you frequent. Look at them very hard. Now look again. What do you think?  The company you keep can be the fuel that gases your vehicle of motivation that is needed to succeed .  It can also be the flat tire that causes you to pull to the side of the road and lose something you can never get back, time. No one is going to make the decision for you. What decision? ANY decision.

I know I love my friends and family, but it's time for me to get around some new people. Not to replace the old people (look at me talking as they're cars), but to be inspired. Have you ever been at work and felt unmotivated? That was until one hard worker ran by you and lifted the morale of the whole workplace. There were probably a few people that didn't move, but not you. You let that one person serve as inspiration for your work day. Now what about the day that you are so eager to do a good job and that lazy guy that sits at the water cooler for 30 minute each hour is lounging next to you as you work your butt off? Sooner or later that affect your day. They may not cause you to stop what you are doing, but they change your attitude. Hard workers have been proven to inspire slackers. Think about what it can do for other hard workers.

Quit slacking and get it!
"What's the sense in having a 'How To Do' book written by people with your experience and skill level?"

"All great people begin with great motivation"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Looks like an XMAS tree, doesn't it? I know it does!  I promised you all a christmas gift so here it is.   My album will be available for FREE download on until the end of the year. Now this is ONLY for people that have subscribed to this blog! ( you already have the album you still win! The Indy Music Pass download contains two songs NOT featured on the album, as well as a hour long interview with yours truly on Eminem's Radio Station SHADE 45.  To receive the free download simply subscribe to the blog, THEN send your email address to Include your subscription name I'll check it out and shortly after you will receive your special pin & serial number to download it for FREE.  Pass this news on to your friends, it can be your gift to them! Don't miss out, this album is classic.  

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Have you ever thought about all of the things you would be doing if you weren't doing what you are doing now? I think about that sometimes and come to realize that I would most likely be serving the same cause. I speak to mass amounts of people and touch their hearts and souls. Be it positive or negative, my words can change lives and influence people. Although my aim is to positively influence, at times I fail, but I continue to try. Recognizing your full potential is very important. I know I usually say "In order to aim you must first have a target", but that's only half of the battle. If I aim and then shoot a bear with a slingshot I am more likely to anger it than slay it. In essence, I must also aim with the correct "weapon".

What if you have been aiming with the wrong weapon your whole life?

THE "WET BIRD" STORY (I think it's funny!)

Kicking back on the road in Chicago one morning having a talk about "The Wet Bird"


I've been known to say "ALL I WEAR IS DETROIT HATS" Well that time has changed. I am now a changed man. I will also include the exclusive Burn Rubber New Era Hats. The only reason I only wore "D" hats is because I wanted to represent where I'm from. What better way to do that than to rock a "Home Grown Hat". See RICK ya'll broke me! Change is good.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Check out Lacey D from she's hot!!!
First off I have to say what's up to my partner Tori. Now on to more pressing matters.  Am I the only one that thinks she has a weird belly button?  I know there are TONS of other things I could be looking at. BUT COME ON!!!!! 

Don't be made at me T, you still have the best looking models out of any of my friends!


New Gold Supras. These are sooooo dope! They can be found at shout out to Rick and Roe

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Neuro Psy Pictures, Images and Photos

Over 400 miles away from home while traveling home down an Ohio highway,  a 12 year old boy sleeps in the back of his grandparents' conversion van. He is accompanied by not only his grandparents but,  three aunts,  a friend of the family and three cousins.  Never did he think that when he opened his eyes his life would change forever.  

The exact time everything happened is still unclear, but the story remains the same.  Blackness, a loud noise, a rumble and then "the light" flashes.  While driving down the highway, one of the van's axel breaks. Suddenly the van flips what some say had to be at least three times. Then the roof comes off and out comes his family. Nine people are ejected from the roof, leaving the boy's grandfather inside as the only person to walk away unfazed. The van comes to a rest as it settles on the side of the highway in the most odd place, on top of the boy's head.  While trapped under the van's axel, in what most would call a death sentence the boy lays lifeless as the van catches fire.  As the flames arise, random people pull over to the side of the road and franticly begin to attempt to rescue the child. The only way to save him is to lift the van off of his skull and get him to safety before the entire van catches fire.  Once freeing him, he is laid on the side of the road where he kicks his feet. Thinking "They are going to think I'm dead and leave me here if I don't keep moving!" He's transfered via helicopter to a local Children's Hospital for emergency neurosurgery on his fractured skull.  His mother is called and notified and immediately hit the road. She was headed to the hospital on what would to be the longest four hour drive she had ever taken.

Fresh out of surgery the young boy was literally pieced back together. The surgery, that left him with 75 staples across his head and metal chips holding his skull together. Although he could barely speak, the safety of his family was his only concern.  He went down a list of names with his mother as if he was conducting an inventory of some sorts and  ironically asked about two of his family members together at the end. "What about Grandma and Auntie?" the boy asked. "Now I'm going to tell you something, but you gotta promise me something baby, you can't get upset. You're still very hurt and may hurt yourself even more." said his mother in a low tone. In almost a whisper she said "They didn't make it."  "What!" He said. The boy wanted to yell. He wanted to scream. Most importantly he wanted to cry, and couldn't.  The impact of the van landing on his head had not only  caused his head to swell twice it's normal size, but his eyes were so swollen that he could not open them on his own.  He was left in darkness.  He laid dormant for days.  He was afraid. He was very afraid. He anticipated the few times a day his pretty nurse "Pam" would open his eyes to check his pupils. "There's my pretty nurse Pam" he would say. He cherished those mere seconds of light more than ever before.  That routine that would go on for about four days.

The doctors had no idea when the boy would be fit to leave the hospital. First he would have to be able to open his eyes, then he would need to get familiar with walking again.  They told him it could be weeks, maybe even months before he would be ready to exit those hospital doors.  "I'm going to my Grandmother's funeral" was his only reply. "Simple as that."

After only seven days in the hospital, the boy was released and attended his grandmother's funeral.

In order to aim, you must first have a target

I am the young boy in this story. Despite being told I wouldn't make it to the funeral by my doctors, I  convinced myself that I would be in attendance.  By the grace of GOD I made it.

  Believing is the most important part of achieving

Excerpts from "My Relationship With..." By: Kimani Graham


I'm working on getting this documentary finished the first half of 2009. We have so much footage to dig through. It's going to be about a lot more than rap. Everything that I'm doing in 2009 is going to be properly planned and executed to influence. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube page.