Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Look at the five people you frequent. Look at them very hard. Now look again. What do you think?  The company you keep can be the fuel that gases your vehicle of motivation that is needed to succeed .  It can also be the flat tire that causes you to pull to the side of the road and lose something you can never get back, time. No one is going to make the decision for you. What decision? ANY decision.

I know I love my friends and family, but it's time for me to get around some new people. Not to replace the old people (look at me talking as they're cars), but to be inspired. Have you ever been at work and felt unmotivated? That was until one hard worker ran by you and lifted the morale of the whole workplace. There were probably a few people that didn't move, but not you. You let that one person serve as inspiration for your work day. Now what about the day that you are so eager to do a good job and that lazy guy that sits at the water cooler for 30 minute each hour is lounging next to you as you work your butt off? Sooner or later that affect your day. They may not cause you to stop what you are doing, but they change your attitude. Hard workers have been proven to inspire slackers. Think about what it can do for other hard workers.

Quit slacking and get it!
"What's the sense in having a 'How To Do' book written by people with your experience and skill level?"

"All great people begin with great motivation"

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