Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Looks like an XMAS tree, doesn't it? I know it does!  I promised you all a christmas gift so here it is.   My album will be available for FREE download on www.indymusicpass.com until the end of the year. Now this is ONLY for people that have subscribed to this blog! (questmcody.blogspot.com)If you already have the album you still win! The Indy Music Pass download contains two songs NOT featured on the album, as well as a hour long interview with yours truly on Eminem's Radio Station SHADE 45.  To receive the free download simply subscribe to the blog, THEN send your email address to mylightproject@gmail.com. Include your subscription name I'll check it out and shortly after you will receive your special pin & serial number to download it for FREE.  Pass this news on to your friends, it can be your gift to them! Don't miss out, this album is classic.  

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  1. aye Quest where can i find that Rap battle when you and marvwon was like "you can be in the pond fishing for bass imma swim up on yo boat and remind u that i beat yo ass" nigga that shit was hella funny anyways lemme kno where i can find it