Sunday, March 29, 2009


Everyone has been asking me to post this mixtape from 2006 enjoy! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quest MCODY- Exorcist (freestyle)


As you can see I'm working hard to keep the net buzzin!!!! Incase you've missed out, here are the past weeks Downloads

Back On The Block (freestyle)

Part of the Game (Produced By Mr. Porter from D12)

1,2,3 (freestyle)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quest MCODY- Part of the Game (Produced By Mr. Porter)


I've got a new task ahead of me. Cleaning out my Hard Drive. I figured that would leak some of the 1,000 songs on my hard drive so here you go.

Part of the Game. This is one of a handful of songs I had in storage produced by Mr. Porter. Some of these tracks were going to be featured on an album I never released. I picked to leak this song because I think that the concept is DOPE.

I remember playing this record to Proof and him saying "You don't know shit about chess nigga".

Monday, March 9, 2009

An Easy Way To Hear The Light Project Before You Buy It

For every album or single that I have digitally distributed I have a streaming widget with a direct link to buy the music on iTunes. Put this player anywhere on the web it works on over 50 sites like Facebook, iGoogle, Friendster, Blogger and WordPress. The MySpace version is coming soon!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

I AM DETROIT HIP HOP (Quick Thought)

I am Eminem, Royce 5'9, Big Proof, Obie Trice, Rock Bottom, Street Lords, C.O.I., Kid Rock, Slum Villiage, J. Dilla, Boss, MC Breed....the list goes on and on.

I live and die by this sh*t.  I've traveled coast to coast, from one country to another for this sh*t.  I've literally fought for this sh*t.  I believe in difference making.  I believe in system changes.  I believe in myself.  Since I AM DETROIT HIP HOP I believe in Detroit Hip Hop.  Therefore  I believe in YOU.

Do you believe in me?  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Pistons Bench Iverson for Rip?

I was the 1st person to know about the trade for Iverson (not really, but I like to say it). Although Chauncy is my dude, I can't say I wasn't excited about Iverson coming here. It was a long time since I saw a "superstar" play for the home team. But now I know what the problem is. We aren't built for superstars!

We have made Iverson into a role player. Our system isn't set up for a star. Iverson looks like a bum on the Pistons. Now I find out that they are benching him for Rip? How bout you bench STUCKEY, and let Iverson run the point and call it a day?

How about you tell Sheed to play in the fucking paint like any normal big man should and quit spotting up for 3's like a got damn shooting guard?

How about we NEVER let as little ass Tayshaun to play power forward EVER again?

How about we FIRE Mark Curry?

I don't wanna seem like I'm jumping on the Pistons back now that things aren't working, BUT DAMN.

Mark Curry is about as fit to coach the Detroit Pistons as I am to head up the KKK. (I'm serious) C'mon who the hell gives a rookie coach a team like that?

Okay it worked for Dallas with Avery Johnson, but did it translate into a title? NO!!!!!

Hermman was BALLING in the beginning of the season....Where's he at now?

Ok we got Mcdyess back, WHAT ABOUT MAXIEL?

Now I see why we got Darko instead of Carmello, because we don't know what to do with a star.
Team ball is what it's about. There is no one person above the team. I know this....


Ok now the 1st thing you're gonna say is "Ivo ain't puttin up numbers" or "Ivo fell off"

But we're letting SHEED act his got damn fool of a self?

What is it with Sheed?

Does he only act an ass when the going gets tough? This is the Sheed we all hated in Portland!

Now You may say "Quest you didn't have a problem with Sheed when we we're getting to the Finals"

Big difference jerkface, WE HAD BEN WALLACE IN THE MIDDLE. I didn't care if Sheed dropped back and shot a 3, our best rebounder was in the paint.

Now SHEED is our best Rebounder. Where the hell is he at?

At the top of the freaking key with his hand up!

Do you have a question?

Are you hailing a cab?

Do you want a high five? Cause you can't want this basketball you 6 foot 10 inch high arch shooting piece of....let me stop...I've met Sheed numerous times and he's a nice guy plus an avid Red and Meth listener, but this craps gotta stop.

Iverson and Hamilton should start together. Stuckey would be a candidate for 6th man of the year if we weren't so dumb. Curry are you calling the shots? Well you should call one from a starter pistol to your temple! Nothing to kill yourself, but just enough to make you realize how much of an idiot you are

Tayshaun should be the 2nd option at SMALL FORWARD. Maxiell should be at the 4 spot and SHEED should of got traded for a washing machine like Woody Harrison on 'Semi-Pro'

Anybody got something to say about that? AND YES IT'S AFTER 3AM AND I'M UP ON talking trash!

Although these feeling are that of my own this post is for entertainment purposes only if I was fit to coach the Pistons I would be.....but hell if Mark Curry got a shot at it why not?