Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quest MCODYgets a phone call from Mike Flamez while at work

"I got yo $1,000 in my pocket right now! Be gracious that I took the time to battle you." Quest MCODY gets a call from Mike Flamez while he's hard at work after beating him in a $2,000 battle. For some reason Mike Doesn't think he lost even though Quest has his money. Look out for the battle soon on

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Burglars Starring Quest MCODY, Yvette Hodge, JoJuan Westmoreland, Jeff Priskorn, Douglas Greene & more

This is my first attempt at "serious comedy" Check out my latest acting foray Enjoy 'Burglars'
Quest MCODY:
Yvette Hodge
JoJuan Westmoreland,
Jeff Priskorn:
Douglas Greene
Sarah Wilder
Taurean Hogan