Thursday, August 20, 2009

I think I'm done with rap

I think I've had it with rap. (Yea I said it)

I've been doing this "RAP" thing for a while and I'm very proud of it. BUT-I have an issue. I think I'm going to have to find something new to listen to.

I recently took my Grandfather to see BB King live and was astonished by the look on his face as he admired a man he grew old listening to. My granddad is 82 and BB is 84 so he has literally been a fan for 60 years. that's amazing. I looked at my granddad as he watched BB sing hits from 60 years ago, the look on his face was great! I could see him reliving moments of his life as BB plucked away on Lucile, or as my granddad would say "made that gee-tar talk.

While sitting there the only thing I could think about was how proud I was to have given such a great gift to the man that played to role a father figure to me due to the absence of my own father. I thinking "I'm gonna love when my grandkids do this for me!" then it hit me. They may not be able to.

I'm the fan of a form of music in which our 2 biggest stars have been MURDERED, and our most successful music icon is being ridiculed by up and coming artists for rapping at the aged of 40. "You still rapping and you 38? eeewwwww"

I would like to tell The Game and any person that feels this way to go drown in a bowl of cereal. I'm a real 80's baby, but I've got respect for those that have paved the way.

Do you understand that right now we are running the risk of growing old with NO music to listen to? Ok, I take that back we'll have music but what about seeing a live show?

What about being able to see our favorites that we grew old with like my grandpa did with BB?

How great would it be to hear Dear Mama LIVE 30 years from now?

Hypnotize 40 years from now?

Well guess what? I can't get NONE of that!

It's cool to keep the new talent coming in but damn, I wanna have that look my granddad had on his face watching BB King get down!

Let's see. As much as I like Gucci Mane, right now I can't see myself at 82 at a concert with my grandson singing "BRICKS, all white bricks, off white bricks". I don't care how big of a fan I am now, I need some music to grow old with!

I can't do those dances when I'm 80 yall!

Now I'm not dissing anyone's music I just don't want to be alone.

The major consumers of rap music are teenagers right? What the hell happens to me once I'm 30-40-50? Do I have to find some new genre music to listen to? If so I need to start looking now because the soundtrack to my life is currently in rap form. Hip hop can't even keep it's greats. Never have I seen a genre with so many deaths. Big, Pac, Big L, Dilla, Proof, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Stack Bundles, Pimp C, Big Pun, Jam Master Jay the list goes on and on. Forget next week, WHO THE HELL am I going to watch live at 80? Forget next week!

I've heard 15 year olds say that "Jay-Z's too old to rap" or "Nas need to quit". That's pure BULL. I don't even listen to Nas like that but I would LOVE to see him live 15 years from now.

What you don't understand is that if HIP HOP doesn't grow up it's cool, YOU WILL. I'm not prepared to be music-less so with that said I put a middle finger up to those trying to stunt it's growth.

See you in 60 years!

Friday, August 7, 2009

V.P. Ciao Bella [Official Video]

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Live In Peace (Read this)

I'm so not into this. What is this? I'm not sure.
Time and time again these series of questions go through my head in regards to life, love and music. Before you jump the gun I'm not contemplating suicide, but recent events have me contemplating "life-icide".

I'm sick of seeing the same thing, just like rap fans are sick of hearing the same thing. Especially in Detroit. This shit is getting old. Dilla Died, people made shirts. People told you how much they loved you and how much they wish they would say it more. We all started believing in showing love to those here before they are gone. Proof got killed, people made shirts. People told you how much they loved you and how much they wish they would say it more. We all started believing in showing love to those here before they are gone. Now Baatin has passed and we're doing the same thing. I don't know Baatin personally. I've only recorded him and met him in passing so I'm not the best person to tell you a bunch of Baatin stories, but I know that his music influenced people. I know that I saw him in New York 2 weeks before he died. I know that he has family that cares about him more than anyone of us that are reading this. And the most important thing is that I know that people are supposed to live. But... They don't.
People fucking die. That's what people do. I'll die one day and so will you.

Now with that said, what's next? Living is next until it's dying. And once it's onto dying it's a wrap. I sit at home and think about my children and I wonder if I'll ever make it to my dream. Then I started thinking about my dream. Is my dream a thing or a place? Way to often did I think my dream was a thing. My dream is a place. The "thing" I'm doing will ultimately take me or not take me to my dream. I had someone tell me that Proof died, but he lived his dream. How fucking selfish is that to say? That's something we say to ourselves to help us feel better. When it boils down to it Proof got killed while on the road to his dreams. Dreams change day by day and no matter how many time we reach them they change. I'm getting to the point that I despise parts of our hip hop community in Detroit.

Stop telling me you love me when someone dies! Tell me when someone lives. EVERYDAY. When I talked to Baatin for all of 30 seconds in New York two weeks ago guess what I said? I said "Man I wanna thank you. I'm a fan and you laid the ground work for what I do." To some of you that sounds like a great thing to say. Right? Well due to the circumstances I look back and wish I would have asked him "how he was doing?" "How was he feeling?" ANYTHING other than what I "wanted" to say. We never ask people what we think they need to be asked, we always ask what we want to ask. Be hell we're not mind-readers so what are we to do?

If I die I want this to be read. I don't want a benefit for my family. If I need a benefit for my family when I die then I needed one for them when I was alive. If you want to benefit my family, go see my mother and children. Tell them things about me that she may not have known. Listen to the Isely Brothers' song "Highways of My Life" and know that I felt like that EVERYDAY. But most importantly don't start a "movement" just to let it disappear.

Earlier I typed that I'm starting to despise Michigan's Hip Hop scene so I want to elaborate. Better yet I want to explain the statement. I love our scene, but it's like my alcoholic uncle. He shapes up and straightens out for Christmas, but he's right back at is bullshit ways on New Year's. It takes NEGATIVITY to fuel our scene. Dilla dies, ban together. Proof Dies, ban together. The same thing has happened with Baatin. I'm done with this game.

Life is about living and I dream to live it to the fullest.
I would love to go around saying R.I.P. B.D.P. (Baatin, Dilla, Proof) but instead I'll say Live In Peace to anyone reading this.

-Quest MCODY

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