Known locally as Detroit’s front man and globally as one of Vibe Magazine’s 51 Best Unsigned Rappers in the United States, Quest M.C.O.D.Y, born Kimani Graham, will be the first to tell you that he is a walking miracle. Quest suffered a skull fracture in the near death car crash which resulted in a permanent and at some points of his life, embarrassing scar across his head, and the Untimely deaths of his Grandmother and two of his aunts.

Never forgetting that fatal day, Quest has become one of the hardest working, up and coming artists in music today. “I lost everything! I had to learn how to walk, talk and see again. I was blind for four days until they flashed that light in my eyes. Seeing that light was the happiest moment of my life,” Quest says. “I want the same thing to happen to people when they listen to my music.”

Quest MCODY chose his career path at an early age. He was in elementary school when he stood in front of a crowd and rapped a verse about reading and how important it was. From that day forward, he always knew that he would be in front of people. Born, Kimani Graham, he chose the name Quest MCODY, the first part symbolizing his journey to success and the second- a bit of prophesy, M.C.O.D.Y breaks down to MC of ‘da year, which year? Any year.

At the onset of his newest project, Multi Platinum Producers Joe “Capo” Kent of the Track Boyz (Eminem, Trey Songs, Nelly, Yo Gotti, Chingy & 112) and Mr. Porter (Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim) are actively on board to give Quest the mainstream sound and platform to speak his message. Here’s what Capo had to say about Quest MCODY’s new album. “The music Quest is making is ground breaking. I’ve never worked with an artist as versatile as he is! Every song we’ve made has the possibility of being someone’s favorite song, but for different reasons! People are going to be drawn to him the same way they are to rappers like Kanye West. He’s open, honest and introspective, plus he can make club bangers. It’s the rebirth of REAL MUSIC!” Quest Mcody has opened and performed with hip-hop’s elite including Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Lil’ Wayne just to name a few.

One thing that Quest MCODY has on his side, other than incredible talent, is visibility. He has been featured on numerous websites as well as a number of television shows. He was a participant and champion on Interscope’s The Next Episode which aired on Showtime. He has starred on MTV “Made” & True Life also. Quest MCODY has so much talent outside of music. “All he has to do is keep evolving! He’s going to be great!” says famed Hollywood actor Clifton Powell (Next Friday, Friday After Next, Ray) who also co-stars with Quest in the feature film “Five K One”.


■ Co-starring in feature film “5K1” alone side Clifton Powell,
AJ Johnson, Melvin Jackson Jr., 40 da Great and Yukmouth
■ MTV Made (Emmy Award Winning)
■ MTV True Life (Season 7, Episode 16)
■ MTV Mixtape Mondays (multiple times)
■ Interscope Presents Showtime's The Next Episode
■ World Championship of Rapping (JUMPOFF.TV &
Channel U in The United Kingdom)
■ Spin The Mic DVD (JUMPOFF.TV &
Channel U in The United Kingdom)
■ Hip Hop Life DVD featuring: Rick Ross, Jeezy,
Fat Joe, Freeway & Jada Kiss

National Press
■ VIBE Magazine's Top 51 Unsigned Rappers
■ The Source
■ TV Guide

Local Press
■ The Detroit News & Free Press
■ Real Detroit Weekly
■ Metro Times

■ The Michigan Citizen
Radio Appearances
■ Radio One (multiple appearances nationally)
■ Clear Channel (multiple appearances nationally)
■Sirius Radio's Shade 45's : All out show
(multiple appearances & interviews)

Rap Battles
■ Rap Olympics Finalist
■ Interscope Presents “The Next" Battle Champ
■ Russell Simmons’ Hip Hop Summit Battle Champion

■ Quest MCODY- The Light Project Album
■ XXL's DJ Rhude "We Got Now Pt.4 Series" Mixtape
■ BillBoard charting album "Dirty District Vol. 2"
■ Big Proof Presents: Hand to Hand

Opened and performed with
■ Eminem
■ 50 Cent
■ Kanye West
■ Lil' Wayne
■ Young Jeezy
■ The Game
■ Jadakiss
■ Talib Kweli