Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mention my Effing Name

Before you read this I'm going to warn you these are my views and if you don't like them please exit stage left.

I'm up late and a partner of mine sends me a link to an article written by a friend, K Fresh. It speaks on artists from the great state of michigan. Ut even give a list of our up and coming artists. It includes: Danny Brown. Marvwon, Chief, Finale, Street Justice, Apollo Brown, Hex, DJ Dez, Nick Speed, Samiyam, 5 Ela and Name Tag. Now the article is kinda old (March 09) but it struck a nerve with me honestly. Actually it raised a question. "How the HELL do you talk about DETROIT Hip Hop, it's innovators and what they will do to bring detroit into the next decade and not mention QUEST MCODY?

Don't get this confused I'm not writing this to discredit anyone mentioned on this list because they are all viable assets to our scene, but give some damn credit where credit is due. Not just in this article, but ANY article talking about OUR hip hop scene.

I've represented OUR hip hop scene on NUMEROUS occasions on an international platform. MTV, BET, SHOWTIME, Channel U in the UK, Hip Hop For Life DVDs I could go on for days. On top of that I released one of if not the best album out of OUR scene, in the past year and have pushed the envelope on what a live show experience should be. On top of that I was the ONLY michigan artist named in Vibe's Best unsigned artists review. I should be in EVERY discussion about OUR hip hop scene.

I'm going to stop looking at it as "they sleeping on me". I'm taking this sh!t as disrespect. Mention my name. PERIOD. I represent Detroit Hip Hop just as much if not more than anyone on any list, anywhere. Recognize this. This isn't necessarily an attack on this particular article. This is just the article that sparked this blog. Maybe it's because how close to home it is. Maybe I feel that if ANYONE should know my homie Fresh should know and if he's looking over me there a problem. Somebody told me the other day that if you don't demand it don't get mad when they don't provide it.

Well this is my demand.

Not putting me on any list when it comes to our scene is a slap in the face.

The next time you read an article talking about OUR scene and my name isn't mentioned consider it only 99% truth. It's not whole without me.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Just for Kicks

These are a couple pair of shoes I was thinking about copping (they come in a pack) the problem is there was only a few made.

I could have easily went to Burn Rubber to cop them but I waited too long.... let the hunt begin!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Song "Webcam"

Quest MCODY "Web Cam" Shout out to all my Ladies Online


Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I'm Not gonna do your show


I'm not rapping at your 100 person Open Mic unless you pay me!

Why should I if you are gonna try to make money and not get me mines?
You paid the club.
You paid the DJ.
You even paid for that chick drink!
But you ain't gonna pay me?

Now this isn't a jab at anyone doing open mics but honestly, I'm NOT doing them unless you pay me. I've come to a point in my life in which I KNOW I'm better than MOST rappers so why would I showcase for a bunch of rappers? Now before you get your rap panties in a bunch hear me out. The reason rappers showcase in front of rappers is to show how well they stand up against the pack. Right? Well I've proven where I stand amongst the elite and if you feel that I haven't go get somebody. What can I gain from rapping with a bunch of rappers?

I want to rap for fans. That's who I make music for. Now I LOVE going to showcases. Moe Dirdee throws a HUGE showcase every month and I enjoy myself there. I'd rap anytime my nigga Moe asks me to, but I'm not doing every open mic in the region.

Now let's get on why I'll do it for $$$.


That's it. People that have NEVER even purchased my album ask me to do shows for them like we're friends. Well here's a news flash if I throw a party and ask my friend to rap and I make some $$$ so does he!

I really like going to open mics TO WATCH.... Just let me watch....or pay me

Am I hollywood for that statement?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm sick of fear

I JUST LIKE PRETY WOMEN THIS PIC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY POST (but if you know her tell her I'm cool)

I'm sick of the fear (this topic has been sparked by a convo I had last night)

Detroit needs a media outlet that isn't AFRAID to voice it's opinion.  When did giving your opinion on something become "beef"? I just went on Shade 45 and got a 50/50 response on one of my records. Some loved it and some trashed it.  THAT'S LIFE.  Why is that a problem in general? If I hear some shit I don't like I don't care WHO recorded it I don't like it.  Does that mean it's not dope? NO! Just not dope to me...  It's funny we all like this shit but nobody is buying records lol!

On another note: