Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Battle Recap Quest MCODY vs Rado (2006)

I just found this NY battle online and it brought back old memories.  I've attach a response I placed in a forum about the whole incident.  They cropped the hell out of the battle (especially the fight) but here you go.  

(2006 forum response)
First and foremost I would like to say that Quest MCODY is in the building!!!! 
Now with that out of the way let me get right to it. Rado's comments in that battle were totally disrespectful to my mans proof but they did not fuck with me one bit. They were words in a battle. P showed me how to handle words in a battle. Was I shocked that he said what he said? YES!!! Did I wanna fight about it? Kinda....but I know better than that. Cats say shit during battles to make u wanna scrap to throw u off your game. That was all cool. I just made sure RADO wasn't gonna make it to the round. Yea I dissed the Maniac crew....It's a battle....at least I dissed niggas that were their to defend themselves. After I popped Rado up outta there that's when shit went sideways. One of Rado dudes looked at me from across the stage and said and I quote "Your mans Proof's a fagott".....and started movin his hand like he had a gun in it goin' "Pop Pop Pop" And I snapped.....This wasn't no battle this was a nigga making fun of my nigga's death!!! We had just burried Proof that past Wednesday!!! The battle was clearly over!! And if he wanted to say some shit then he coulda said that shit about me....not my nigga that's not there to defend himself. So yea I "took a swing" and ran out towards his crew of niggas and if securty wasn't doing their thing I wasn't gonna slow down. Given the same circumstances I'd do it again. What Rado said in the battle ain't do shit but make me go even harder than I was gonna go but that shit his man's said was uncalled for... People callin me goin at 20 some niggaz crazy, stupid, or whatever cuz I came from Detroit with nobody but my manager. Yea if it had went down I woulda walked out with more than a few scratches and I'm good with that but NOBODY is gonna make fun of the death of my family, friend and the person responsible for what I do. I ain't come down there and call Big L, Jam Master J or Biggie a faggot did I? RESPECT THE DEAD THEY CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES. As long as I breathe I will carry my nigga PROOF's legacy on. He may not mean shit to u but he's the shit to me and is the reason why hip hop cats where I'm from do what they do....Niggas would never say some shit like that about proof in detroit....And I wouldn't tolerate somebody sayin something about one of ya'll fallin soilders in the D PEACE..... Though I'm not ashamed nor do I regret my actions that night I do regret that the battle was shut down Big ups to Imaculate on his win u did your thing .... DETROIT WHAT!

From this came a poor excuse for a "Diss" record from Rado followed by an "email conversation that resulted in me airing dude and his crew out.  If you search some forums you can find it, but it was immature and unimportant.  In 2008 at my album release party in NYC I got a chance to talk to a former member of that crew that offered an apology for his involvement with the crew.  Although he didn't say anything to disrespect Proof he felt responsible enough to speak on it and that I can respect.

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  1. Q Mcody repped as usual...rado couldnt ever get a pass in the D